Chris Dolphin

The Kabbalistic Kitten!


Junior Public Relations Major, Religious Studies Minor

Years In Kitten

2015 - Present

Magical Abilities

The powers of healing/instant tea brewing

Dominant Hand

Right hand

Favorite Improv Game(s)

DVD, Four Square

Other Clubs & Activities

Brave Sounds, The Edge Radio, Writehouse

None of the Above

I'm a recovering "Deathconciousness" listener hoping to find meaning post being exposed to the gospels of Antiochus and "The Books of Terror and Longing." "Death is Truth and Truth is Death". Remember the BLACK FLAG and the prophecy of the HUMAN CROW. Anyway, I like movies and dogs! and Franz Wright Brings me close to tears. People are the best and I love getting the chance to perform for them and make them laugh.
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