Joining Kitten

Interested in joining BBQ Kitten?  Auditions for membership are ongoing through our open rehearsals every Wednesday night outside Bradley Hall (in fair weather) or in Williams Hall cafeteria (during winter/rain).

So what are we looking for in prospective members? Experience in improv, stand-up comedy, or acting, while helpful, is not a requirement. Nor do we ask that you study improvisational theory or have all the “rules” of improv memorized and mastered. Generally, we ask for the following:

  • Keep coming, keep playing: Improv is a fickle mistress; every scene is a totally unique and temporary experience, and each scene can succeed or fall flat through no fault of your own. This means that to really evaluate actors, we need to see them on a longer time span than a traditional one-off audition permits. Plus, since very few people are “natural” improvisers, you’ll need time to learn the games and totally grasp the format. Typically we look for an actor to have numerous strong performances at Wednesday rehearsals before advancing them to the next step in the prospective process.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail big: The biggest and best laughs you get in improv are when you’re fully committed to a decision, however dumb it may seem. It’s not about waiting for the perfect time for a one-liner; in fact, very little of what we do is about crafting jokes. The humor we look for comes from committing to the character and reality of the scene, and winging it from there. So commit, and even when it fails, commit to that decision. At least it will be interesting.
  • Don’t be a dick: We need to be able trust the people we play with to support us fully. There are no individual stars here. If you take constructive criticism well, support the players on stage with you, and generally are a decent human, your chances of getting noticed skyrocket.
  • Be yourself: Overplayed cliché, yes, but it is overplayed for a reason. We want to see your own style and what you can add to our troupe. While we’d be very flattered, we’re not looking for people to emulate exactly what the current actors do. Borrowing successful techniques is fine, but put your own twist on it.

And, most importantly, we’re looking for people who have a genuine passion for performance and comedy. If this is you, come see us on Wednesdays. Everyone can come, everyone can play.

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